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Meeting Goals for Life

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History Speaks for Itself

Hilltop Physical Therapy, Inc. has been in practice since 1995 by a Physical Therapist professional. We provide high quality treaments with over 93% satisfaction rate by our patients. Some of our most complicated patients come to our clinic to resolve problems from chronic and new medical issues. We furnish a friendly environment while delivering excellent P.T. services; leading generations of people to a healthy lifestyle.

Comprehensive Therapy Sessions

HPT provides P.T. services for all ages. We take pride in our unique niche practices as well as our general population. Our concept coincides with highly specialized treatments with one on one treatment sessions. We specialize in Manual Therapy services tailored to suit your needs whether working on the cranium spine, extremeties or down to your feet. We are highly effective, in our methods of treating, and we treat the "whole person", not just a body part.

Trust over 30 years of experience to help reduce your physical pain and discomfort.

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Enhance your quality of life

Many patients are glad they came to Hilltop P.T. for their ailments. We have lead generations of people to healthy lifestyles, we can do the same for you! Our approach is holistic, safe and effective. We are different because we care about your long term well being. Why not come to a place where you matter and are never treated as a number. We take responsibility of your pain and your medical concerns like a family. Come and see what we can do for you, "Meeting Goals for Life".

Dedicated Physical Therapy Care

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