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Let us Relieve Your Pain and Stress

Count on our experienced therapists at Hilltop Physical Therapy to effectively reduce your pain and discomfort through our quality massage therapy.


Our massage therapists work alongside our physical therapists to help you relax and ensure relief from pain.

Efficient Massage Therapy Sessions

  • Trigger point massage

  • Deep tissue massage

  • Massage for lymphatic drainage

  • Range of motion massage

  • Myofascial massage

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Alternative Therapies & Spa is the perfect blend of acient healing arts from Asia with relaxation promoted in the West. Our wonderful hand-picked team of professionals will take you to another world. Come join us in your journey to healing.





Unwind with massage therapy

Feeling stressed out after a long, strenuous day at work? Clear your mind with a soothing massage.


Located in Fredericksburg, VA, we provide full-body massage sessions which can last up to an hour, and half-hour partial massage sessions concentrating on your neck and shoulders or legs and feet.

Your Local Relaxation Resource

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